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Pawan Danavi

The Pawan Danawi Wind Farm has been generating renewable energy since June 2012. It was built by LTL Holdings, the largest energy related company in the country, who currently own and operate it.

With a project value of LKR 1,520 Mn., twelve Gamesa G58-850 kW wind turbines have been installed with a plant capacity of 10 MW. It is designed to harness wind power for renewable energy generation, contributing to the global transition towards sustainable and clean sources of electricity.

We aim to use advanced technology combined with our expertise to build up Sri Lanka’s push towards renewable energy, thus reducing our dependence on fossil fuels that drain our valuable foreign currency reserves.

Power Generation

10 MW

Plant Capacity

30.20 GWh/Year

Energy Generation

1,520 Mn LKR

Project Value

Our Community Interactions

We have provided a range of job opportunities for the local village community in our operations.

We have made donations to various projects that will enhance their community in the education, health, environmental and religious sectors.

We have collaborated with local government organizations and assisted them in many public community activities such as road renovation, disaster management etc..


We are committed to continuous improvement of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety performance of its operations by benchmarking with best-in-class standards. We stay focused on attaining and maintaining the highest standards of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety in selection, design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of assets across their life cycle.

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